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Big E Gaming Presents: Summer Jam 7 (Fighting Game Tournament)



I have received tons of  Tweets and Facebook messages about what tournament I will be attending next, so I decided I would just do a post and answer every ones questions at once.  Now most of you already know I pretty much will go out of my way to attend a Big E event, Why?  Big E and his staff run the events smoothly and I have a great time every time I attend one of his events.


The tournament will be held in Philly on August 17-18, at the Sheraton Suites Hotel (Great Hotel and the Rooms are big with a bar downstairs), he also gets deals on the rooms  for whoever is attending, but you must grab them fast before they are all sold out or you will pay regular price, now sometimes he gets the hotel to add more rooms at a discount price so keep a look out,  now if you are coming from New York you’re best bet is to take the Mega Bus or the Grey Hound, not too expensive and I have  had yet to have a problem getting out there.


I have included a link to the site where you can find more information such as price, games that will be played and link to the rooms.  Hope to see you guys there!! 🙂

Big E Gaming site: http://bigegaming.com/summer-jam-vii-aug-17-18-2013/

Summer Jam 7 site: https://www.facebook.com/events/192606377555468/



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